Meet Cortney

I have lived all over the PNW but I now call Puyallup, Washington my home. I am Mama to three wild boys and married to one hunk of a man. I specialize in lifestyle photography while capturing authenticity in all walks of life. I have a heavy focus on fashion and a passion for styling people. My photography style is set apart because I capture beauty in unexpected ways. I don’t just take a portrait, I create a moment. My goal is to have my viewers to feel something when they see my work.

"Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will."
-Anne Klein

My Story

My love for photography began long before I started my business. I took an amazing photography course in high school which taught me how to use a manual Pentax camera. I was then taught how to develop film in the school’s dark room. The whole process was intriguing and still to this day inspires my photography style.  Shortly after high school I married the man of my dreams who was in the Army at the time. The Army took us to Colorado and forever expanded my perception of beauty. I had lived my whole life in the Pacific North West, so going to Colorado felt so strange. Being land locked and in a place where we had zero family was scary and exciting. My husband and I fell in love with the mountains and foreign colors there. The scenery and locations in Colorado inspired me to pick up my Canon Rebel T1i (haha!) and start shooting. Anything. Everything. I took a year to develop my skills and that's when I officially started my business in 2013. My passion has only grown since. 

I love that the connection I make during sessions brings out beauty and translates through my photographs.